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Hulk Advertising is an online strategic marketing firm with extensive experience in helping small businesses accomplish their online goals in areas such as strategy, branding, public relations, graphic design, advertising, and social media marketing.
Ultimately, our goal is to help you determine the best methods of targeting your audience for your business, and then help you implement these strategies. We offer business marketing packages that are customized to your unique needs.
Mark Splawn

Founder & Marketing Consultant


As a U.S. Marine Vet, I have always had an entrepenuerial mindset. I was born with the heart of a Hustler. After serving my country in the militarty, I decided to follow my passion by using my skills to help others. I am a marketing student destined for success. Not only am I  chasing my dreams, I'm guiding others down the road to success with turning their dreams into reality as well.

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